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PIT Hydrogen & SAF Hub

What They're Saying

Comments from elected officials, labor leaders, and other regional stakeholders.

U.S. Senator Bob Casey (PA)

“Because of this exciting new project, Pittsburgh International Airport will become home to one of the largest facilities in the Nation that specializes in the innovative process of using hydrogen gas to produce sustainable aviation fuel. It will help support thousands of new union jobs and provide a look at how cutting-edge innovation in Pennsylvania is helping to build the energy economy of the future.”

PA Governor Josh Shapiro

“As the only state to secure two regional clean hydrogen hubs, the future of clean energy is running through Pennsylvania, and as we build out these hydrogen hubs over the next several years, we’ll see more innovation, job creation, and opportunity coming to our Commonwealth. We’re proving that you don’t have to choose between protecting the planet and protecting jobs – and the partnership between KeyState Energy, CNX Resources, and Pittsburgh International Airport will create thousands of jobs and cut fuel costs for airlines, all while reducing pollution and making our communities safer and healthier. My Administration will continue to bring people together to drive innovative projects to the Commonwealth that reduce emissions, tackle climate change, and create family sustaining jobs.”

Perry Babb
Chief Executive Officer

KeyState Energy

“For more than 300 years, Pennsylvania and Appalachia have lived and led America’s energy transitions; first from wood to coal, then oil was added, then natural gas added, then nuclear, then the shale gas revolution and now the beginning of a next energy revolution, this in clean hydrogen. The innovations contemplated for the PIT hydrogen and SAF Hub have the potential to produce the lowest-carbon, lowest-cost, large-scale aviation fuel in the world.

Robert S. Bair


PA State Building & Construction Trades Council

"The Pennsylvania State Building & Construction Trades Council, represented by 16 Regional Councils and more than 115 local unions from 15 International Building Trades Unions, strongly supports the efforts to build a hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel economy in southwestern Pennsylvania. The announcement of the proposed hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel facility at the Pittsburgh airport would catalyze opportunities in the region and decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors. The Building Trades is hopeful for more projects like these across the commonwealth.”

Greg Bernarding
Executive Business Manager

Western Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council

"As Business Manager for the Pittsburgh Regional Building and Construction Trades representing 19 different craft sectors and over 33 Local Unions in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities supporting over 60 thousand highly skilled, highly trained diverse local trade professionals, we strongly support efforts to lead the nation and build a hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel economy in southwestern Pennsylvania. The announcement of the proposed hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel facility, located at Pittsburgh International Airport, would not only help decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors in the region in a cost competitive way, but it would also help solve a significant environmental issue with fugitive mine methane which is prevalent in areas across the Pittsburgh region – a total game changer for our area and our workforce. With the $1.5 billion project that is expected to create 3,000 good paying, family sustaining construction jobs for the hard-working men and women of the Pittsburgh Building Trades, we are hopeful that the forthcoming IRA implementation rules will help catalyze, not stifle, this critical opportunity for the region."

Luke Bernstein

President & CEO

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

“As the Statewide Voice of Business in Pennsylvania, the PA Chamber is excited about this visionary partnership between CNX Resources, KeyState Energy, and Pittsburgh International Airport to establish an Aviation Fuel Hub in Western Pennsylvania. This exciting new venture exemplifies our Commonwealth's legacy as a global energy leader and home to innovators who are pioneering sustainable solutions to fuel both economic growth and environmental stewardship. By leveraging our state's abundant natural gas resources, this transformative project will help build a cleaner energy future for our entire nation while delivering good-paying jobs to Western PA. We strongly encourage the Biden administration to support this initiative and ensure projects like this are eligible for the federal 45V Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit.

Kenneth Broadbent
Business Manager – Steamfitters Local #449; 

Vice President – United Association, District 2

"As the Business Manager of Steamfitters Local #449, Vice President of the United Association, which represents nearly a half a million Plumbers, Pipefitters, Sprinkler Fitters, HVACR Service Technicians, Welders and Pipeliners working in the construction industry throughout North America, and a life-long Western Pennsylvania Resident, I enthusiastically support efforts to catalyze a hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel hub in the Pittsburgh region. Creating more than 3,000 much-needed construction jobs through this initial project (and many more over the next 15 years via additional projects) in our area makes perfect sense and makes the cost of transporting people and cargo more economical and less carbon intensive. Capturing ultra-low carbon intensity waste methane and converting into clean hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel can be a game changer for our region and fuel jobs and investment for our workforce for the next generation. The project will create thousands of union jobs and allow Pittsburgh International Airport, which serves more than 10 million passengers a year, to continue to be an economic force in our area. We need the Federal government to get the forthcoming 45V and 45Z tax credit guidance right to help us unlock this generational opportunity for the Western Pennsylvania region."

David Callahan


Marcellus Shale Coalition

“Today's exciting announcement speaks to the great versatility of natural gas as a source of clean energy. New groundbreaking technologies continue to be commercialized across the ever-evolving natural gas industry, including more sustainable end-use applications in transportation. Policymakers across the Commonwealth and in Washington must continue to prioritize the safe development and expanded use of affordable and abundant American natural gas, which is powering our economy, growing jobs, and improving our environment all while strengthening our nation’s security.”

Christina Cassotis
Chief Executive Officer

Pittsburgh International Airport

"Pittsburgh is once again leading the way on energy toward a more sustainable future. Increasing SAF and hydrogen production in the U.S. is a necessary first step in reducing carbon output to meet upcoming industry goals, helping aviation earn its right to grow and moving further toward a cleaner, greener future. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners, CNX and KeyState Energy, in cementing Pittsburgh International Airport and our region as a global leader in sustainable energy."

Nick Deiuliis
President & Chief Executive Officer

CNX Resources

“First and foremost, we would not be in position to announce this project without the support and advocacy of our western PA labor leaders, and we are not going to proceed without them on this or any other hydrogen or SAF project in the region. Our goal is to expand end-use opportunities of our abundant, ultra-low carbon intensity natural gas to drive further emission reductions, create good paying, local jobs, and enhance PIT’s position as an innovative sustainable fuel hub. Our decade-long partnership with PIT has contributed to the airport’s international profile as a pioneer in the industry and we look forward to taking the next step together in catalyzing a first-of-its-kind, large scale hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel hub right here in the Pittsburgh region.”

Chris Deluzio
United States Representative

17th Congressional District of Pennsylvania

"This exciting project opens the door for Western Pennsylvania to lead the nation in sustainable aviation fuel—and that could be a big win for our workers, local economy, and efforts to cut emissions and meet new energy standards. I am proud that my office is supporting federal grants that will help this venture get off the ground and start using cleaner aviation fuel as soon as possible."

Valerie Gaydos
Pennsylvania State Representative 

District 44, Allegheny County

"This is an exciting announcement for our region, our Commonwealth and our nation.  This project demonstrates how Pennsylvania is ready to go to work. Pittsburgh International Airport has led the way by embracing all of its resources and establishing itself as the first airport in the nation to create a microgrid – powered by natural gas and solar – to lead their sustainability and resiliency goals. Now, it is pioneering the next chapter of sustainability for the aviation industry through this partnership with CNX and Keystate.

"Building our economy for the future should be non-partisan. We all need to come together to ensure that we have a multitude of good paying jobs for Western PA and a pathway to a more sustainable, cleaner and independent economy. This project does just that."

Chris Heck
President & CEO

Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce

"The aviation sector is at a pivotal point with unique opportunities transforming the entire industry. Emission reduction and clean hydrogen requirements are being met with uses of aviation fuels and power being generated by the innovation of natural gas extraction….and Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is leading the way.

"As the local Chamber of Commerce and partner with PIT, we represent those companies who have helped with various innovative partnerships and help to promote the benefits to our local workforce. Partners like CNX Resources Corporation continue to reshape the aviation landscape and because of the natural gas abundance close to and on airport property we feel and support that this proposed project is in line with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy strategy to advance how fuels are produced to cost effective and environmentally sustainable."

Sara Innamorato

Allegheny County Chief Executive

“I’m very pleased that Pittsburgh International Airport, KeyState Energy, and CNX Resources are bringing this transformational collaborative project to Allegheny County. Our region should be out front on more sustainable options for hard-to-abate sectors like aviation fuel industries. The onsite potential for a SAF facility on PIT’s campus will create jobs and help our region lead on climate solutions for the energy sector.”

Darrin Kelly


Allegheny/Fayette Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO

"This project is the economic shot in the arm the region needs and I’m proud of the diverse coalition working to make Pittsburgh the leader in hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel. The commitment by our coalition to work together to ensure that the men and women of our regional union workforce lead the way on the jobs associated with these new sectors of the economy is exactly what we need more of – labor, business, and government finding ways to tear down old narratives and move our region forward. This would be the most significant energy project the region has seen in years, and it can help trigger a broader transformation and position us for a lower carbon future. We will continue our advocacy to ensure the forthcoming hydrogen and SAF tax credit rules provide western Pennsylvania the opportunity to bring this project and our vision to fruition.”

Tom McIntyre

Business Manager & Financial Secretary – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #5;

Board Member – Allegheny County Airport Authority

"Representing Local #5 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) which counts roughly 850,000 members strong across the nation, and as a member of the Allegheny County Airport Authority Board of Directors, I’m proud to support ongoing efforts at PIT to establish an alternative fuel hub that will create thousands of much-need union jobs in the region. For this transformational project to come to fruition, it’s important for the Federal government to follow the science and allow our region to capitalize on our home-grown resources to create ultra-low carbon intensity fuels that will help decarbonize the aviation industry and other sectors of the local and national economy. The local workforce needs these jobs, and we call on our leaders in Washington to help us make this transformational project a reality for our members in southwestern Pennsylvania."

Mike Moore
Executive Director

Waste Gas Capture Initiative

"This is an exciting development at a pivotal time for the clean hydrogen economy. Hydrogen produced from captured coal mine methane is one of the most effective methods to reduce emissions in hard-to-abate sectors, including aviation. This project shows in clear terms what can be possible in the effort to reduce emissions through smart, innovative, and effective policy, enabling industries and consumers to protect the environment while supporting thousands of good-paying jobs."

Jeff Nobers

Executive Director

Pittsburgh Works Together

"This is a great example of innovation creating new ways to use the energy resources in Western Pennsylvania to drive the economy forward, provide job opportunities, and clean up the environment all at the same time. It’s important that leadership in the region embraces this technology and others that will emerge to be able to take full advantage of our dominant energy position and to strengthen environmental stewardship.” 

Joe Pittman

Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader (R-41)

“Pennsylvania has a long and robust history of being a leader in energy production, and embracing all forms of energy is key to our continued success. This is a truly exciting partnership which will increase access to maximum wage, family-sustaining jobs and further expand a diverse energy portfolio to benefit Western Pennsylvania and our Commonwealth.”

Devlin Robinson
Pennsylvania State Senator

37th Senatorial District

"This is an example of what can happen when we leverage partnerships between labor and industry and utilize our abundant energy resources to balance our goals for the environment and economic security. The collaboration at the Pittsburgh International Airport on a hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel hub will be a boost for our building trades and a commonsense, innovative solution to position our region as a leader in this emerging market. I look forward to working with all parties involved to see this project come to fruition."

Matt Smith

Chief Growth Officer – Allegheny Conference on Community Development; Vice-Chair – Allegheny County Airport Authority Board of Directors

"Establishing a hub for hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuel at the Pittsburgh International Airport is a transformational milestone in our energy and transportation future, and I commend the public, private and labor leaders involved in bringing this opportunity to fruition. Robust partnerships and our world-class innovation ecosystem keep Pittsburgh at the forefront of what’s next, and we are strongly advocating for the policies, including updates to the federal 45V Clean Hydrogen Production Tax Credit guidance, required to open up this generational opportunity for new jobs and catalyze a low-carbon intensity hydrogen economy for our region. The full potential of this opportunity for the Pittsburgh region is dependent on smart and thoughtful decisions by policymakers."

Mike Stanton

Business Manager

Boilermakers Local 154

"As Business Manager of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers Local Lodge 154 I represent hundreds of workers in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas and wholeheartedly endorse the establishment of an Aviation Fuel Hub in our region. This initiative promises substantial benefits not only for our local economy but also for the workforce we represent. The creation of an Aviation Fuel Hub will generate numerous employment opportunities, providing stable jobs with competitive wages and benefits for our members. These positions will span various skill sets, from construction and maintenance to operations and management, offering avenues for career growth and development. The presence of such a hub will bolster our region’s standing in the aviation industry and create opportunities for union workers as local infrastructure receives necessary upgrades and enhancements. Furthermore, by centralizing fuel distribution, we can optimize logistics and reduce carbon and methane emissions associated with transportation. It represents a significant opportunity for our union members and our community, and I am eager to see this project come to fruition.”

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